Seychelles: Remarkable Place for Diving and Eco-Tourism

The official name of The Seychelles is Republic of Seychelles. The total area of the Republic of Seychelles is about 1500 square kilometers or 932 square miles. There the mainland of Africa is to the east of Republic of Seychelles and island of Madagascar to the north. The beautiful island of Mauritius is to the south and Zanzibar to the west of The Seychelles. So we can say that this country of Seychelles has surrounded with the most beautiful locations of the world. The population of this country is very much small and actually this is smallest population-wise country in the whole Africa. Like the neighbored countries, this country is also very rich of natural beauty and amazing locations. Republic of Seychelles is very much famous for its natural beauty. That's why many a large number of New Zealanders want to visit this amazing country to make their holidays memorable and enjoyable.

Diving in The Seychelles

The Seychelles is very famous place for diving and underwater activities. The atmosphere of Seychelles is really suitable for divers. There are a large number of beaches in this country for those who don't want to dive. There are some very beautiful restaurants and hotels for the lovers of beaches and diving to stay close to their loving places. This country is full of natural beauty and many people come here to fulfill their dream of taking photos of these sweet and beautiful beaches and blue water. There are also a large species of small and large fishes that can be seen easily in these beaches. You can also see the dangerous but beautiful whales and sharks that are really amazing to watch. But you should be careful from these giant whales and sharks when diving in the water. Due to your little carelessness you can easily lose your life, so you must be so much careful. You can also find a large variety of octopus, clown fishes, lobster, wrasses and many other marine creatures in the deep of these beaches. Due to all these things, large number of New Zealanders who really love the diving, fishes, whales, sharks and many other marine creatures, really like to come in this beautiful country to see all these things in front of their eyes. It's a human nature to see the wonderful scenes of nature and nobody wants to miss the great scenes of this country.

Amazing Place for Eco-tourism

Due to the existence of large variety of marine creatures, Republic of Seychelles is and amazing place for the Eco-tourism. It is one of the most famous places for the Eco-tourism in almost all over the whole world. Many researchers and photographers come here to capture the amazing pictures and scenes of the underwater creatures of this great country. They prefer this country because this country is rich of amazing and unique scenes that can be seen hardly in any other part of this world. Due to the amazing beauty of this country, many people say that this country is a part of heaven. That's why almost all New Zealanders would enjoy a holiday in this amazing country.